Metric – Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? / Live It Out

[Metric - Live It Out][Metric - Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?] A few weeks back, I tuned in to Live 105’s new and indie music show, Soundcheck, and thought I was hearing a new Yeah Yeah Yeahs track. I was getting into it, and excited about a new YYYs album. Well, I was way off. The song turned out to be “Monster Hospital” by the east coast based Metric. They have all the trademarks of a “Jer band”: (1) alternative/indie pop, (2) female on lead vocals (Emily Haines, also a member of Broken Social Scene), and (3) liberal/progressive themes (“Glass Ceiling” or “Handshakes”: Buy this car to drive to work / Drive to work to pay for this car). All that adds up to airplay in ol’ 610 Latimer and tickets to the show at the Filmore.

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