Giants baseball! Catch the fever! How about for $100?

In their new radio advertising campaign, the Giants offer to pay a guy on the street $100 to paint his face black and orange. The guy is about to accept, when he realizes that the painters are going to put the interlocking SF logo on his face. He then changes his mind, declares his allegeance to the Cubs, and leaves. The Giants people then make some derogatory comment about the Cubs fan.

I’m not sure who’s in charge of advertising over there in ‘Frisco, but a career change might be in order. First, no real fan of any team other than the Giants would allow an orange SF on his/her face, $100 or not. Secondly, is this really how the Giants want to build a fan base? By paying people?

Why don’t they just cut to the chase: Come see Barry,* eat garlic fries, and surf the net between Barry’s at-bats!

*Not applicable on Sundays or during steroid investigations.

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