Don’t Know Much About History (Kenneth C. Davis)

[Don't Know Much About History (Kenneth C. Davis)] Yes, I did take American history in high school. It was two years, and at the end we still had to cram 1950 to 1997 into a couple days. I wish knew that it could be covered in just two weeks. The book’s format is a series of questions and answers that could be considered independently, but when read in succession, they provide a surprisingly seamless story of U.S. history. Interspersed are relevant (usually famous) quotes pertaining to the particular era and short commentaries on the source and context. Also provided in the text (not in a separate bibliography) are suggested reading for further learning. Davis hits all of the important topics (wars and the like), as well as some curiousities that were probably overlooked in school (Who was Miranda? Are the Hemmings decendants Jeffersons?). I thoroughly enjoyed Don’t Know Much, and due to the Q&A format, it’ll be a nice reference to have in the library.

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