Weezer and Foo Fighters at the Oakland Arena

Earlier this year we wanted to see Weezer play in San Francisco. The tickets sold out in less than five minutes. So when I heard that they were coming back, with Foo Fighters no less, I was thrilled to get tickets to the show.

Rivers Cuomo is not a rock star like anyone else I can think of. He’s now a thirty something balding geek who jumps very clumsily around the stage, often with his arms outstretched. It really reaffirms my faith in humanity that he can get 20,000 people excited to see him do this. Dave Grohl is the antithesis of Rivers. He screams voraciously for 90 minutes while running back and forth across the stage and even through the crowd. This is what I think of as a rock star. Watching Grohl lead the Foo Fighters, it’s really an amazing thought that he was once in the same band as Kurt Cobain. Nirvana is often touted as one of the greatest bands ever, and after seeing Foo Fighters in person, I’ll no longer ever doubt it.

Both sets covered significant territory from the bands’ careers, but Foo Fighters focused a bit more on the latest album. Weezer really got going with ‘Say It Ain’t So.’ Having the entire crowd singing along will do that. All four group members took over lead vocals for at least one song. The highlights for the Foos were an extended version of ‘Stacked Actors’ and Grohl and drummer Taylor Hawkins switching roles on ‘Cold Day in the Sun.’

Setlists after the jump.

1 – My Name is Jonas
2 – Perfect Situation
3 – Don’t Let Go
4 – Dope Nose
5 – Keep Fishin’
6 – Tired of Sex
7 – Why Bother
8 – El Scorcho
9 – Say it Ain’t So
10 – We Are All On Drugs
11 – Surf Wax America
12 – The Good Life
13 – Beverly Hills
14 – Photograph/Song 2
15 – Island in the Sun
16 – Undone
17 – Hash Pipe
18 – Buddy Holly

Foo Fighters:
1 – In Your Honor
2 – All My Life
3 – My Hero
4 – Best of You
5 – Up in Arms
6 – Learn to Fly
7 – Times Like These
8 – The One
9 – Stacked Actors
10 – D.O.A.
11 – This is a Call
12 – Cold Day in the Sun
13 – I’ll Stick Around
14 – Everlong
15 – Breakout
16 – Monkey Wrench

Thanks to the Daily Cal for emailing me the setlist for the Foo Fighters.

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