What does “poupon” mean in Grey Poupon?

Odie posed this question in a mocking fashion in the pompon/pompom comments, but I realized that regardless of the tone in which it was asked, it’s still something that we could learn. Wikipedia turns up no hits for “poupon,” so I consulted google, which led me to the history of honey Dijon mustard. It turns out that Grey Poupon Dijon mustard is derived from the founders of the mustard empire. Grey provided the recipe, and Poupon financed the venture. Nabisco now manufactures the mustard according to the original recipe for sale in the U.S. The pair have also been honored as the namesakes of an award winning dog.

I also found that “poupon” is French for “little baby.” Wikipedia does have an entry for mustard in general and a helpful graphic of how to use it.

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