The White Stripes – Get Behind Me Satan

[The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan] This is the fifth release from the Detroit based duo of Jack and Meg White. If you’re familiar with the preceeding albums, well put those out of your head entirely. Get Behind Me Satan is clearly a venture into new territory for the Stripes. Sure, it opens with the punkish first single “Blue Orchid,” but after that the electric guitar only comes back only twice more. If “Blue Orchid” is typical Stripes (and it’s not), “Nurse” is off the charts weird, featuring melodic marimbas and sporatic raucous cymbals and guitar. The adventure continues with the catchy piano and drum laden “My Doorbell,” back to marimbas with piano on “Forever for Her,” followed by the ho-down “Little Ghost.” And that’s just the first five tracks. “Take, Take, Take,” a commentary on celebrity, might be the best track on the album, and is followed by the Stripes unplugged on “As Ugly As I Seem.” With it’s ridiculous variety, Get Behind Me Satan might be my favorite album of 2005, which is saying a lot with competition from Beck and the Eels. I really can’t listen enough.

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