Lisa Germano – Geek the Girl/(Excerpts from a) Love Circus

[Lisa Germano - Geek the Girl] [Lisa Germano - Love Circus]I think I first heard about Lisa Germano [official/allmusic] from her affiliation with the Eels and then came across her name again when list-lover Volgraf directed our attention to Piero Scaruffi’s 100 Greatest Rock Albums, of which Geek the Girl is rated #15 all time, and Love Circus is also highly regarded. With such glowing praise as E’s opinion, I picked these albums up on consecutive New Music Fridays. Stache asked me if it was fair to describe her as the female E. I think it’s a reasonable comparison. They evoke similar moods with personal lyrics, unusual instruments, and suboptimal, but well used voices. I guess I would say Germano delves more into folk, while the Eels rock.

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