I decided that I need more humor on the ol’ Realm of the Wombat. I mean, I’m now the #1 hit in google for the search realm of the wombat (without quotes at least). Ok here goes.

So Odie and I were driving into SF a couple weeks ago, and we’re turning onto Mission from 9th, and I look across the street and I see a local convenience store. I see the name, channel the bumbling cartoon superhero in me and yell, “Go Go Corner Market!”

Did anyone pick up on the Inspector Gadget reference? I would say that you had to be there, but Odie didn’t think it was funny. In fact, he found it more funny that I thought it was funny. The name of the store is “Go Go Corner Market.” I think that screams Inspector Gadget. That’s what passes for humor in my head these days.

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