Volvo 1800 (South Berkeley)

Melissa spotted this Volvo on the way home from church the other day. You’ve got your standard hippie-type art on the hood, a fan favorite.

Beaudry and I were speculating on how many Berkeley cars are out there. It seems like there are more than I expected. This is number 42, I have a couple in the queue, and there are still some that I’ve seen but wasn’t able to capture on film. Also, it seems that any time I drive around for a little while in Berkeley, I see multiple new specimen. Could there be more than 100 in the East Bay? Odie says that there are even more in SF. Wow.

[Click for full size]

[Click for full size]

One thought on “Volvo 1800 (South Berkeley)

  1. Yeah there are. My favorite so far is the submarine van – complete with dome bubble and periscope. You should cross the Bay Bridge sometime – there’s like a whole city over here.

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