Happy, Happy, Happy

[Happy, Happy]
Now here’s some vintage Berkeley. This guy stands on his table at the entrance to Sproul Plaza and yells “Happy, happy, happy!” at students all day. He used to do this every day, and he had some other sayings like “Not one penny!” or “People are dying because of the war!” Then he disappeared some time in 2002 and now only shows up sporadically, so it’s sort of a treat when we see him. One time he was in front of me in line at Albertson’s with his signs and everything. I guess even protesters have to stock their kitchens.

One thought on “Happy, Happy, Happy

  1. two things. First, this dude takes the same BART ride home as I do. Scary. Second, this is an interesting picture, since it sort of looks like he’s standing on a bike.

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