The 610 Stamp of Approval

[Beck - Guero] I realized something amazing about this album last week. The inhabitants of 610 Latimer Hall, with their varied musical tastes, have all at one time or another chosen Beck’s Guero for their selection in our music rotation. Usually we’re complaining behind each other’s backs about how this album is awful or how we’ve heard this artist 58 times in the last week. But Guero is the first album that has transcended mere tolerance and achieved universal acceptance and satisfaction. God bless that Beck.

2 thoughts on “The 610 Stamp of Approval

  1. I definetely agree that Hudson’s much more of a warrior than Mulder is and that he would have been a better keep. I just want to see the (former) big 3 battle each other.

    And I can’t wait to hear Beck’s Guero

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