From Today’s Inbox

Melissa inquires:

P.S. Do you like how I used the word “dig”? Thank you, Lenny Bruce. Although, I may not be hip enough to pull it off. Hmm…

Then there was this exchange between Odie and I:

Jer: …but I don’t like hot dogs.
Odie: Who hates hot dogs? Are you a communist?
Jer: I got 566 hits in google for the search “‘I hate hot dogs’” although I can’t confirm their political affiliation.
Odie: Oh google is a real good source of authority: I got 15,500 hits for the google search: “I hate America.” Some of them have to be overlaps. Although, in retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have just done that search on a federal government computer.
Jer: That means for every person that hates hot dogs, there are 30 that hate America. I’d say for such a crude measurement, it’s pretty close.

This is the best post I’ve ever made.

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