Why do people throw shoes over power lines?

Beaudry and I saw a couple pairs of shoes draped over the power lines while eating lunch last week. While we wondered what the significance was, we agreed that it looked funny. I asked Andy about it yesterday, and he didn’t know either, so I googled it. It turns out that nobody knows definitively, or at least there isn’t just one reason. These sites have collected some suggestions:

The Secret Language of Sneakers

Article from straightdope.com

2 thoughts on “Why do people throw shoes over power lines?

  1. Update: Stache thought he remembered his father doing this for fun when he was a kid. So Matt called him up and asked him about it. His father replied, “That’s a ghetto thing! I never did that,” or something to that effect. Stache then got his brother on the phone who he said it was about marking your territory. So that’s the news from the Volgraf family.

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