America’s Tour Guide

I don’t know what it is about me, but apparently people think I know where I’m going and/or know how to work a camera, because they are always asking me for directions or to take their picture. Yesterday I was stopped twice for directions. First, I was standing at the bus stop at Masonic and Solano, and a woman came up and asked me how to get to the post office. I told her to continue down Solano, and it was about three blocks down across the street. A pretty good description, I thought. Then at the west circle on Berkeley’s campus, a girl asked me how to get to the Student Union. I told her to follow the circle the other way, take the path through the woods on the left, and follow that to the right. I don’t know if she’d got there with those over-simplified directions, but she should have gotten in the area, and then could ask someone else. I’m all for simplicity.

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