A Strange Thursday Night

I went to my second REM show of their tour last night. Following their travels with the Concert for Change tour and support for the Kerry campaign, the shadow of election day made it “a strange Thursday night,” according to Michael Stipe. I’m glad that it wasn’t just me feeling that way. They opened the show with “It’s the End of the World as We Know It,” their closing song on previous tours, but to my knowledge unplayed on the current tour. If that wasn’t enough of a statement, they followed with “Begin the Begin,” urging “Let’s begin again.” I took it to mean 2008, but maybe I’m reading too much. In any case, Michael was short on words, preferring to let the lyrics speak for him. The set list:

It’s the End Of the World as We Know It
Begin the Begin
So Fast So Numb
Welcome to the Occupation
Boy in the Well
Get Up
The Outsiders
High Speed Train
The One I Love
Sweetness Follows
Imitation of Life
I Wanted to be Wrong
Losing My Religion
Final Straw
Walk Unafraid
Life and How to Live It
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?
Leaving New York
Permanent Vacation
I’m Gonna DJ
Man On The Moon

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