Red Sox Nation is a farce

So Beaudry, Stache, Andy, and I were watching Game 7 of the ALCS when we realized that Red Sox nation had surrounded us. When we walked into the bar, I was prepared to marginally support Boston for the sole reason that blowing a 3-0 lead to the Sox would cause utter chaos in the Steinbrenner’s office. However, about 3 seconds into the game I decided I couldn’t do it. Instead, all I could cheer for was the agony of Red Sox nation. Apparently it’s trendy now to be a Boston fan. You don’t need to be from Boston or know anything about the Red Sox franchise. Consider this exchange as we were getting ready to leave:

Girl 1: Too bad you lost (with a smile on her face and Sox hat on her head).
Jer: I’m not a Yankees fan. Hey, who’s Bill Buckner?
Girl 1: Oh, I’m not a Red Sox fan. I’m just here with my friend.
Girl 2 (with a green Boston hat): Go Sox!
Jer: Do you know who Bill Buckner is?
Girl 2: We don’t watch football. We root for the Red Sox! (points at her hat)


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