Twins Win Again, Sox Whine Again

I’m a little late on the commentary here, but it’s awesome to see the Minnesota Twins clinch a playoff spot for the third consecutive year. This is also the third straight year that the White Sox will talk trash about their superiors. From an anonymous player, “That’s fine, let them do their talking and clapping and antics on the basepaths. Minnesota has two World Series banners, but not one came from this group of players. They forget that. I’ll be glad to sit back and watch them go one and done (in the playoffs). Our season ends Oct. 3 or whatever it is. So they’ll get an extra week in before they’re done.” Never mind that the last White Sox championship was in 1917. Mark Buehrle (who lost the game in which the Twins clinched the division) added, “You have Santana and Radke, and you’ve got a chance, but then you look at the rest of their roster and you really can’t see them getting past the first round. Anything can happen, but I don’t see it.” Maybe so, but the Twins now have a 1/8 chance of winning the World Series, and Chicago has a 0/8 chance of becoming champs. Yet another reason why Chicago is known as the second city.

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