College football

The preseason college football AP rankings have come out, so I just thought I’d make a couple of observations:

1) Georgia and Texas are ranked in the top 10 again. Georgia even got 5 first place votes. A bad season by them puts them at the top of the list.

2) Cal received 744 points. That’s 743 more points than ND. If Cal finishes this season in the top 15 and ND is unranked, I’m buying season tickets next year.

3) I keep reading about how ND is playing a killer schedule. Well, according to this poll, there are 4 games against ranked opponents: Michigan, Purdue (and we know they’ll drop out), Tennessee, and USC. I don’t see a killer schedule. I see a schedule that IF they get by Mich in week 2, things might come together, and they could make a run at a NC. It’s only a killer schedule because ND likes to play State, Purdue, and BC like they’re the freaking ’88 49ers, ’87 Edmonton Oilers, and ’27 Yankees. If ND doesn’t put it together, see point 2.

4) There is only one team on the Cal schedule ranked higher than them: USC. We both know that for some reason, USC has trouble with the Bears, but they might have a little extra something this time around since the Golden children cost them half a NC. October 9th, mark your calendar.

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