It’s real, and it’s spectacular

[The J. Peterman Company Owners Manual No. 114]

Not long ago, I admitted that I didn’t know that the J. Peterman catalog was a real thing. Now some hilarious soul has signed me up for their mailing list. I open this thing up and hear John O’Hurley reading to me about baseball shirts:

“Sleeves” is what we called them. They were plain and ordinary, nothing to think twice about. (Or so I thought.) But now I realize they were unduplicatable.

I still have mine, and a few emotions, dating from my days in professional baseball.

When we wore our sleeves, it was always the best time of year. We were beginning to feel up.

I laugh at the imitations today. They have pseudo names like “river shirts,” “punting jerseys,” “Henley pullovers.”

Sleeves are, were, and always will be comfortable and engaging to wear; lightweight; warm, not hot; not itchy; not sticky, not fussy. Sleeves are good looking in the way things are when they aren’t trying to be good-looking.

– The J. Peterman Company Owners Manual No. 114.

Toyota RV (Ocean Beach)

This RV parked right across the street from our place, just on of the perks of living at the End of the World. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a look at the whole vehicle, because its resident was standing behind it. He was giving me the evil eye when I snapped this one, so I made a hasty retreat.