Avenue of the Giants

Myers Flat, CA, is 217 miles from El Cerrito Plaza and home to the Shrine Tree Park. The Shrine Tree is 2000 years old, 275 ft tall, and 21 ft in diameter. Three-quarters of the wood is dead, but the remaining quarter refuses to die. It’s probably the carbon monoxide from the cars driving through it that keeps it going.
[Charlie approaches the Shrine Tree]

The park has other interesting things to see including tree houses . . .
[Mel in tree house]

. . . friendly wooden bears . . .
[Odie and the bears]

. . . a timeline of human history witnessed by a redwood . . .

. . . and a walk-thru tree for those who don’t want to drive.
[Walk thru tree]

All this for less than $5 per car. There was some confusion about the free post card, but for these prices you can’t complain.

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